Ambience & Good Vibes: Decibel Lounge Review

You can't speak on carefree black artists in Memphis without mentioning Juju Bushman- a Blues City native with a flair for the dramatic. Known, in equal measure, for his handmade incense and reggae-esque music, Bushman incorporates both into his live performances to achieve an ultra-relaxing atmosphere. 

   It was all ambiance and good vibes during Juju Bushman & the Late Night Creeps' performance at the Decibel Lounge. Incense and light conversation filled the air while accompanying vocalist, Jacquiline Gladness harmonized over Bushman's synthesized guitar. 

Once the group found a comfortable rhythm, pure magic poured from the speakers. I sat on a couch, low to the floor and took in my surroundings- a dimly lit room filled with beautiful people of color vibing to the tones of other beautiful people of color. The positive energy was so undeniable that nearly everyone in the crowd wore a satisfied smile throughout the entire set. 

Though Bushman has not released any music to date, performances like the other night leave us all craving more. We hope to hear more from the artist in the very near future! 

"The message is always freedom. It always will be. Freedom to love, to express truthfully, to laugh, to dance, to be whatever I(we) need to be in order to inspire the continuance of life." - Juju Bushman

~Maya Killar