Don Lifted: Alero

Lawrence Matthews, better known as "Don Lifted" is a multitalented recording artist who's been masterfully sculpting his struggles into brilliant, emotion rich works since 2008. His debut albums "The December LP. vols l-lll" introduced us to the young visionary and his powerful, yet sorrowful sound leaving us wanting more, and finally the wait is (almost) over! Don Lifted's fourth album "Alero" is set to be released before year end; similar to his previous projects, it is a story of triumph and strength though love plays a much larger role in this version of the narrative.

Titled "Alero" after the Oldsmobile he owned from 2009-2014, the album takes us to the beginning and walks us through five painful yet revelatory years. "I found out a lot about love..., being a man and life- but I also worked through a lot of mental and spiritual battles in the car" Don Lifted says when asked about lessons tied to his Alero.

"I think of love when I think of the car"

The "Alero" listening party held at Crosstown Arts was a perfectly executed step in the right direction for Don Lifted. Those of us in attendance were able to witness his vision in full effect; While the album played overhead, the artist projected a short film onto the gallery walls. Each song was paired with a color to signify the emotion behind the lyrics and give us a better look into Don Lifted's mind. The audience, myself included, stood captivated by the film and the raw emotion in the album.

All in all, Don Lifted is an artist on the rise who deserves to be heard. Definitely check out "Alero" when it's released, I'll be sure to post a link for your convenience when the time comes.  

Thanks for reading!