William The Great


The eclectic Frayser native, William the Great, expresses his radiant ideas and energy through his style. "People's impression of you derives from your appearance before you speak. My bright flair will do the talking and take me far in life." William occasionally dresses for business but, ironically hates neutrals. Instead he keeps the seriousness of business wear by draping himself in slim-fit tailored suits and vibrant colors.


The Great is inspired and influenced by the urbanized-luxurious style of A$AP Rocky, as well as the classic elegance of Donatella Versace and Balenciaga. Williams' vintage/contemporary mix of expensive and affordable clothing often evokes questions of where he shops.


His stomping grounds for shopping is H&M, FOREVER 21, and Urban Outfitters; Which is pretty self-explanatory hence his self-description of dress is collegiate with a hint of urban glitter. Will communicates his love of fashion through his image, which conveys knowledge of self and uniqueness.

Social Media-

Instagram: William_thegr8t

Facebook: misunderstoodblackbrother


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