Style Mixer Review

If there is one thing that Fashination Revival II: The Style Mixer seems to love, it is collaboration. This Bee Specs Agency annual event, hosted by celebrity stylist Harrison T. Crite, enlisted a myriad of Memphis bred designers, models and stylists.

Respectfully the designers; Antonio Morris Williams (Fashion By Antonio Morris), Rolanda Dawn (Dawn's Closet by Rolanda Dawn), George Price (King George Price), Joe Garrett (Immortal INK), Angela Garner (JustNTyme), Regina Verno (GLAM by VernoLuxe), Tangie McVay Seay  (Tanganika by Tangie), and Brandon Jay Mcdaniel (Jay Genius Imperial Co.), presented their latest collections on melanin enriched canvases, which highlighted the beauty of custom high quality, evening, urban and ready to wear garments.

Minor details were lacking for the production, such as adequate seating due to vast support and the overall fluidity of the show from collection to collection. In its entirety, FR II was inspiring and quenched the thirst for quality Memphis fashion. Reginald Smith, CEO and Founder of BSA, ended the night announcing his next endeavor, Memphis Metro Fashion Week, which has us anxiously waiting for spring ’18. Keep shining king!

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