Self-care Sundays

The one thing we are all trying to do during hot ass Memphis summers is stay hydrated and keep cool. Drinking a gallon of water a day is great for overall hydration, but your facial skin needs a little extra TLC during the summer months when the sun is constantly beating down on it. For instant facial hydration and a boost of feel-good energy, facial sprays are your new best friend. My go to favs are “Evian Mineral Water” and “Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray.”


Evian is amazing for your skin because it hydrates, tones, and basically feels like you’re walking through the mists of a tropical Hawaiian waterfall. It also helps get rid of pool chorine and ocean salt on your face, if your first stop isn’t the shower after a day at the pool or beach (which we don’t have, but who knows you might get to travel this summer).


Mario Badescu’s facial spray is a cult favorite among many beauty bloggers and something you may have seen before. I added it to my daily regimen about 3 months ago and now carry it everywhere with me. The rosewater and aloe in it are calming and boosts the skin’s elasticity. It also is a good finishing spray for simplistic summer makeup routines. I add witch hazel into mine for extra toning power and to just feel even better about what I’m putting on my face.


You can find all of these babies locally at Sephora and Whole Foods (witch hazel) or online at

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