Alero, Digital


Alero, the fourth album from Lawrence Matthews, a.k.a., Don Lifted, was highly anticipated before its release. After being exclusively sold at either Shangri-La Records or Goner Records, he has now announced that the album will be available through digital streaming services on September 15th. So if you didn't get an opportunity to get a hard copy, a digital version may soon be purchased for your enjoyment.


Don Lifted is a gifted artist and is one of Memphis' own. It was known that this project was something special from the listening party at Crosstown Arts. Now this superb album can reach the ears of millions, as it should, due to the soon to be digital release.


Now, starting September 15th, be sure to look out for Alero on Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music. Congratulations to Don Lifted on his ever-upward career. The world is eagerly waiting for what he will present in the future.

Much Love.

- Avery Love

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