Anthony Rhyne, Rising Star


 “Everything goes through changes, you just have to adapt to keep going.” Anthony Rhyne has definitely adapted to the new age of RnB music, describing his genre as Trap Soul. His passion for basketball overshadowed his hidden talent of singing, but was unveiled after life took its course on his hoop dreams.


  Although a newbie in the music game, his Freshman album 'Very Legal' is professionally mixed and is currently streaming on all music platforms. His radioworthy song "Come Party" has been showcased at HardRock Cafe and Love Lounge.


  Influences of Tank, Silk, Trey Songz, and Chris Brown shaped his artistry and shows in his music. Through his constant networking and connecting throughout the city, Anthony Rhyne’s star quality and hungriness for his dream will soon make him a household name.

-Jordan J.

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