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CLTV Residency Application.

We are so excited to announce our first residency program, and thankful to you for considering this space.

The CLTV Residency Program is open to any artist interested in using their craft to uplift our community and shift our culture towards positive growth. We will be offering a 6 month residency to two to four different artists. These residencies will begin in September and conclude in February and will include 24 hour access to your studio and accessible programming.

To apply you must be able to provide samples of their work, demonstrate how their time in the residency will lend them the opportunity to further their work in the community, and be able to propose a potential exhibition that would further the mission of The CLTV through community engagement and thought provoking programming that create conversations surrounding the black community.



Application closes August 31

Residents selected by September 10 

Residency September 16 to February 17