The artist’s role is to raise the consciousness of the people. To make them understand life, the world, and themselves more completely.
— Amiri Baraka



The CLTV is an art organization dedicated to providing a platform to African American artists within the city. Through art based programming, workshops, and community building efforts we employ the use of creative expression as a vehicle to shift our culture towards positive growth, creativity, and strength.


Despite a communal response of hopelessness to poverty, crime, homelessness, and blight there is a marginalized group of survivors in Memphis, TN. African Americans, though the majority in Memphis, have been continuously overlooked and ignored as the city bouts with gentrification through revitalization efforts.  The CLTV was formed to honor those survivors in an effort to contest those issues by uplifting and empowering

the city's Black community through thoughtful and creative interactions.  We support artists and provide them with the tools needed to jump start and maintain inspiring careers.  It is our belief that by strengthening both the artist and the community we will begin to shift the culture towards positive growth, creativity, and vitality.