We strive to share as many stories about brilliant Black artists in Memphis as possible with every outlet we are provided.



As part of 50 States of Art, Creators is inviting artists to contribute first person accounts of what it is like to live and create in their communities. Victoria Jones is the Executive Director of The CLTV, a non-profit art organization dedicated to providing a platform to Black artists in Memphis.

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The Lovepost

Memphis organisation creates safe space for Black artists to express themselves


Choose 901

In addition to their mission to provide a platform for African American artists within the city, the CLTV wants to help local artists grow and strengthen their craft and impact the community.


The CLTV joined forces with 30 Melrose High School students to design a mural fit to beautify their school halls


High Ground News

The Collective, on the other hand, is more modern and is spearheaded by social media master millennials who give the impression that The Collective is a movement that touches all aspects of Black life in Memphis.



The Collective (The CLTV) is a Memphis-based group of young artists and creatives doing this work, fighting to build a viable and inclusive art scene that situates an array of black art as essential to understanding our city, this moment, and our history.